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    Contact us

    Add of head office: Dongdai Wharf, Zhang’An Street, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
    Sales Tel: +86-576-88786686/89020081
    Purchase Dept.: +86-576-88786567/88781912
    Personnel Dept.: +86-576-88786543
    Fax: +86-576-88786538


    In July, 1993, Taizhou Jiangbei Chemical Plant was established by president Tang Dianli. It was engaged in manufacturing of medical intermediate;
    In October, 2003, Taizhou Jiangbei Chemical Plant was renamed as Zhejiang Jiangbei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and it started to implement GMP management;
    In November, 2012, Zhejiang Jiangbei Nanhai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded and in Linhai Yihua Industrial Zone, covering 206mu;
    In January, 2013, solid preparation workshop was built;
    In February, 2014, it merged LInhai Jinqiao Chemical;